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Julie Layne                                                                         - pdf version -

Julie Layne brings over 15 years of study and application of advanced communication methodology to her coaching and consulting work. Julie is an experienced coach and facilitator who designs and delivers innovative training programs. Julie also leads focus groups, team building workshops and skill building sessions for clients.

Julie's client engagements cover a broad range of clients, including executives in Fortune 100 companies, CEO's of small manufacturing and service companies, and small business owners. She has designed and delivered training and coaching programs for leaders and teams in the public service and non-profit sector. Clients include: Los Angeles World Airports, AF Evans, Inc., Keelin Reeds Partners, City of Los Angeles Office of the Controller and Bodhi Bar. Projects have included:
  • Long term coaching engagement to improve the design and delivery of difficult conversations with executives in a Fortune 100 high tech company, resulting in reduced stress and higher effectiveness during major downsizing of work groups

  • Communication skill building in teams for non-profit organizations with large volunteer forces

  • Transition of CEO/Founder to advisory role resulting in increased work/life balance for the individual and increased profitability for small manufacturing business
Julie has developed and currently leads training programs for coaches. She also works with new coaches and other professionals in the founding and early development of their practices.

Julie's career in the training and high tech industries has been defined by her sense of community in the workplace and her pragmatic approach to designing work processes that achieve a balance between the teams, infrastructure and resources involved. She works with teams to produce a mood of trust and cooperation and to develop the ability of individuals to accept and absorb diverse viewpoints, which allows sustainable solutions to emerge and be successfully implemented.

Prior to becoming an Executive Coach, Julie worked in support services organizations, developing and delivering training, implementing outsourcing initiatives for hotline services and leading highly successful process re-engineering efforts in cross-functional teams. She has a record of success in launching programs that require involvement and endorsement from teams and individuals with diverse concerns, operating across different organizations and geographical locations.

Julie is a Certified Integral Coach and Coaching To Excellence instructor. She has participated in a range of both academic and practicum based communication and coaching courses including The Ontological Design Course, Non-Violent Communications Leader Training, Advanced Integral Coaching and Excellence in Listening and Action. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the California State University at Chico.