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Schilling & Maure has joined with other coaching & consulting firms to establish an international network of coaching & consulting services. This provides Schilling & Maure access to substantial resources from a broad range of management consulting, coaching and human resources disciplines. This network allows Schilling & Maure to offer its clients the resources required for major projects, without sacrificing the personal attention and low cost of a small coaching and consulting firm.

KH Consulting Group
Los Angeles, California

Schilling & Maure and KH Consulting group regularly work in partnership to combine coaching, teambuilding, and more traditional consulting disciplines into a single comprehensive solution. Strategic planning is a particular strong point of this partnership. KH Consulting Group and Schilling & Maure frequently work in partnership to provide exceptional services to a broad range of businesses, government agencies and non-profit institutions.

Human Capital Development

Schilling & Maure partners with Human Capital Development to provide a broad range of coaching, consulting, training and development services to an international clientele. Through HCD, Schilling & Maure has access to the Human Capital Network, which can offer a broad range of coaching, consulting, team-building and development resources to assist clients in both the United States and other countries.

Grace Consulting Corporation
Manhattan Beach, California

Schilling & Maure partners with Grace Consulting Corporation to provide state-of-the-art project management and business process documentation and design. Grace Consulting Corporation and Schilling & Maure have developed a strong partnership that primarily supports technology innovation and business process improvement in public utilities.

LAKAG Nigeria
Lagos, Nigeria
Abuja, Nigeria

Schilling & Maure partners with LAKAG to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of public institutions through the implementation of new technology, combined with effective change management strategies. The primary area of activity for this partnership is developing countries in West Africa.