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Practice Development For Professional Coaches
For Individuals and Small Groups

Next class starts TBA.

During 2004, Schilling and Maure and Julie Layne designed and delivered a 2-day course with 90 days follow-up to help new coaches develop their client-based coaching business. We had rave reviews from the participants and have since then delightedly received reports of how they have put what they learned with us into action in their professional life.

We remain passionate about providing a support structure to empower coaches to establish viable, sustainable and ultimately thriving practices. In order to meet the diverse requests for class start dates and locations, we have redesigned the course structure in order to be able to deliver the class to individuals or very small groups.

The new model combines evening or half-day weekend class sessions with conference calls, independent study and individual coaching. The program still extends over a 90 day period, but the introduction of material and timing of exercises are spaced to allow more time for learning and practical application over the duration of the program. Our new pricing structure is set to allow for us to lead the course for groups of 1-6 participants, with the ability to be far more flexible on start dates.

As in our original program; participants will engage in rigorous work focused on developing and embodying key competencies for various stages of Coaching Practice development.

Course Outline


You will be more competent to design your coaching practice, and to implement that design in a sustainable, financially viable way.

  • You will develop greater clarity about the purpose and focus of your coaching practice.
  • You will be able to skillfully and authentically present yourself as a professional coach, (wherever you are in the process of building your track record and reputation).
  • You will be able to succinctly and effectively describe coaching in general, and your own specific coaching offer in particular, to potential clients.
  • You will develop a practical understanding of the business elements of coaching.
  • You will design and engage in a structure of professional practices that support your business.
  • You will develop a 90-day plan and 1-year goals.
  • You will learn and practice language skills that support your self-identity and public identity as a coach, and the success of your business overall.

Designing your Business
  • Reality Check - Development cycles of a Coaching Business
  • Mission & Values - Establishing, communicating and integrating
  • What's the Right Professional "Mix" for You?
  • Business, Public and Self Identity - Designing and living yours
  • Work Situation Assessment - Custom fitting your practice to yourself
Selling your Coaching
  • Exercises to develop ease and competence in:
    Coaching Offers
    Coaching Metaphors
    Attracting Clients
    Asking For Money
Launching your Business
  • Setting Achievable Goals
    90, 1 year and 3 year plan
    Assessing progress
    Funding your business
  • Strengths & Potential Breakdowns
  • Networks of Support
  • Action Plan

1 Participant - $1500
2 - 6 Participants - $750 each

Tuition includes attendance at live and telephone sessions, all course materials, and individual coaching.

For more information about the course or to register, please contact Julie Layne at 415/454-0584 or