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Schilling & Maure is licensed to administer and interpret the Devine Inventory. We use the Inventory to enhance both individual coaching and team development. This easy-to-use, web-based tool has proven effective with a broad range of managers and workers. It accelerates our coaching and team-building work, leading to faster results and increasing the value for money we provide to our clients.

The Devine Inventory is a web-based, flexible behavioral preference inventory. In the Devine model, both individual and team success depends upon four factors:
  • Clear and Measurable Performance Objectives
  • Technical Competencies
  • Experience
  • Behavioral Competencies
The Inventory was developed to address the need for more objective measurement and discussion of the behavioral component. It is based on the premise that behavioral preferences can be addressed as learnable skills, which can change over time with training, coaching, and practice.

Specifically, the Devine Inventory:
  • Identifies the strengths and weaknesses of organizational culture
  • Displays the behavioral preferences of team members, suggesting areas where teams can work together to improve their collective performance
  • Generates recommendations to managers for effective, targeted training and coaching
  • Identifies areas where incumbent employees can work to improve individual performance
  • Helps identify candidates for a position who are likely to do well
The Inventory has been administered to more than 300,000 individuals, and has been shown to be both valid and consistent.

Schilling & Maure, Inc. is licensed to administer and interpret The Devine Inventory. This web-based behavioral preference inventory can help to identify candidates for a particular position who are likely to do well. It can also identify areas where incumbent employees can work to improve their performance, and it may point the way to effective, targeted training or coaching. The Inventory can also generate recommendations to managers and supervisors about the best ways of supporting staff members in improving performance. As such, it is an effective first step in coaching executives.

Beyond assessing individual performance, the Inventory can be used to compare the preferences of team members. In this application, it shows the preferences of individual team members, and the team as a whole. This is information is most useful to team leaders, and the discussion of the differing Inventory profiles of team members can do much to generate team cohesion. Organizational culture reports are also available, allowing clients to see the culture of their organizations with previously unavailable clarity.

We expect the Devine Inventory and instruments like it to become widespread in the next few years. We believe that many of our clients will find one or more of the capabilities interesting and ultimately useful.