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Schilling & Maure assignments include:

Executive Coaching
  • Coached CEO of major governmental agency, and designed and coordinated a teambuilding and individual coaching program for her direct reports, increasing reported effectiveness of executive team.

  • Coached executives of a major architectural firm to develop senior leadership capabilities.

  • Coached executives of a major public agency to improve managerial & leadership performance

  • Coached executives of a fortune 100 high tech firm to develop leadership skills and successfully conduct difficult conversations with staff in the midst of a major reorganization.

  • Coached manager of major government agency before and during transition to executive post and responsibilities
Individual Coaching
  • Coached new coaches in developing their businesses and working with challenging clients

  • Coached Sr. Strategic Consultant to balance workload and client commitments more effectively

  • Coached former marketing VP in career transition to small business owner

  • Coached former CEO of small manufacturing company in career transition to health services clinic owner
Leadership Development
  • Developed and led organization-wide training sessions to increase teamwork, project management and communications skills for 80-person non-profit organization.

  • Developed and led targeted half-day retreats to improve executive team and leadership effectiveness skills.

  • Designed and conducted a six-month program increasing the effectiveness of a medium-sized organization through leadership and organizational interventions and training.
Strategic Planning and Advisory Services
  • Managed preparation of strategic plans for three major Los Angeles County Departments.
Organization, Policy and Process Design
  • Managed a project designed to determine the effectiveness of Civil Gang Injunctions in Los Angeles County, for KH Consulting Group.

  • Served as Lead Consultant in the assessment and revitalization of the human resources function in a major children's hospital, for KH Consulting Group.

  • Managed international project to introduce Shared Services model for Human Resource support functions.

  • Managed the redesign of a global web-based Human Resources information system for a Fortune 100 corporation.

  • Managed project to design, program, and introduce web-based procurement to a major governmental agency.

  • Designed and implemented a new organizational structure for major international airport, with KH Consulting Group.