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Charlotte Maure                                                           - pdf version -

Charlotte Maure is a co-founder and Partner at Schilling & Maure, Inc. She applies a powerful combination of executive coaching, conversational design, metrics, and executive experience to help leaders and their teams exert focused, cohesive, results-oriented efforts in bureaucratic and politically charged environments. Charlotte has worked with these institutions to produce strategic and operational plans, develop leaders and teams, and design effective organizational performance measurement systems.

In the past few years, Charlotte has worked with governmental and not-for-profit organizations, including with several departments in the County of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles City Controller, Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles, and three California Community College Districts. Typical projects included:
  • Coaching a manager in a nation-wide non-profit membership organization to develop effective relationships with peers, staff and organizational leadership in remote locations. This leader has been central in melding her new, entrepreneurial division into a traditional, conservative organization.

  • Developing a strategic approach to real property asset management for the City of Los Angeles, including recommendations about systems requirements, assignment of resources, and development of operational principles. These were adopted by the City Council and provided the blueprint for organizational change in the City Division.

  • Developing balanced scorecards in three governmental organizations, measuring accomplishment of strategic objectives, demonstrating logical links among the strategies in organizational/systems, fiscal, workforce, and service beneficiary areas.
Charlotte has been involved in coaching, facilitation, change management, team development and improving organizational performance for her entire career. Her coaching practice is centered on senior staff working in medium- to large- sized organizations, focusing on their developing a leadership voice that encourages the contributions of others. As a project manager, Charlotte has led international teams in Fortune 100 organizations. She has implemented balanced scorecards and other leading edge performance measurement initiatives for government, and has been part of a highly successful pilot program working with a multi-departmental team of the County of Los Angeles to involve community members in implementing and measuring the success of municipal services.

Before becoming a coach and consultant, Charlotte worked in the governmental and financial services industries. Charlotte spent 20 years at the Port Authority of NY and NJ. She served as the Chief Operating Officer for the General Services Department, responsible for a budget of $60 million and a staff of over 500 unionized and professional staff. She implemented employee involvement and staff-run process improvement teams to include workers in change, within her spheres of responsibility.

Charlotte is a certified professional coach and holds a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Southern California, and a Bachelor's Degree in History, from Vassar College. She is also certified as a trainer for Affirmative Action/EEO; Interaction Management and Meeting Planning.