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Consulting Services:

Public agencies require even more sophisticated leadership in many instances than private enterprises. In general, leaders in public agencies must:
  • cope with multiple, often conflicting demands from board or political leadership

  • garner consensus on decisions, implementation and funding allocations from diverse interests

  • interpret measurements that are process rather than outcome oriented, making it difficult to assess how the organization is actually doing

  • maintain the vision, morale and momentum of a large organization in the face of consistent criticism from the public, union contractual requirements, competition with other agencies for funds and politically motivated, often rapidly changing priorities
Our leadership development programs integrate individual development of leaders' capacity for executive presence and effective action, with assessment and redesign of the policies, systems, strategy and team skills that facilitate or impede achievement of organizational goals.


Short Term Assessment and Tactical Action Programs
3-6 month duration

May include:
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • 1/2 to multi-day training sessions
  • Critical path process assessment and redesign
Training Topics:
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders
  • Understanding and Influencing Team Culture and Dynamics
  • Effective Communication In Teams; making powerful requests, negotiating commitments, designing and conducting difficult conversations
Long Term Integrated Programs
6-12 month duration

May include:
  • Administration of Evaluation Instrument
  • In Depth Executive Coaching Programs
  • Executive Team Skill-Building
  • Vertical Team Assessment and Interventions
  • Targeted Administrative Policies and Systems Assessments
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The heart of strategic planning is a clear and shared mission, successfully carried through into governing policies and procedures, and planned and realized objectives. The challenge of leaders is to align their teams' commitment, actions, and creativity with the mission of their organizations.

It is therefore crucial that the organization's mission be clear and that organizational design, team management and outcome measurement be consistent with the mission. Once those are in place, leaders must be skillful at observing their teams within the context of the mission, and communicating observations to the members powerfully, authentically, consistently and convincingly.

Outcome Based Planning
6 - 12 month duration

Assessments may include:
  • Financial, IT, or Administrative Audits
  • Policy Analysis
  • Focus Groups
  • Data Gathering and Review
  • Performance Measurement and Benchmarking
Interventions may include:
  • Strategic Planning delineating Organizational Objectives
  • 1/2 to Multi-Day Team retreats
  • Program Review and Redesign
  • Policy Development
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Design and Implementation of New Business Metrics; Balance Scorecard etc.
  • Business Contingency Planning
  • Implementation Coaching
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Complex dependencies exist between organizational structure, policies and procedures. Business metrics inform and in some cases, drive the management process. Dramatic increases in productivity and cost savings benefits are achievable through aligning and integrating these elements.

Assessments may include:
  • Comprehensive Administrative Systems Assessment and Implementation
  • Focus Groups
  • Surveys
Interventions may include:
  • Design and Implementation of New Business Metrics; Balance Scorecard etc.
  • Policy or process re-engineering
  • Application of Available Technology
  • Customer Service Skill Building
  • Succession Planning
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